KR Training Launches Virtual Preparedness Conference

KR Training, the oldest and largest firearms training school in Central Texas, continues its leadership role in the preparedness training market by launching a Virtual Preparedness Conference, featuring on-demand training opportunities on topics pertinent for the next 6 to 12 months.

Karl Rehn, the owner of KR Training, partnered with national preparedness trainer and author Paul Martin to develop a series of videos aimed at helping citizens quickly and effectively better prepare themselves for a wide spectrum of perils.

“These are timely topics to teach people what they need to know to prepare for the possibility of societal disruptions caused by more COVID lockdowns, civil unrest, a contentious presidential election and anything else that might be coming our way,” Rehn said.

This is the ninth collaborative effort in creating preparedness conferences, as Rehn and Martin have been hosting an annual preparedness conference every January since 2013.

Martin’s presentations, along with the presentations of other national trainers, distill the guidance into clear, easy to follow and actionable steps people can take to improve their readiness.

“This year, Karl and I have been inundated with messages asking us for guidance to get better prepared. Citizens looking for simple and effective guidance to prepare for what may be coming can find a lot of solutions in this virtual conference. We’ve priced the presentations to be affordable to everyone,” Martin said.

Viewers can watch the conference presentations at

The newest video is a 45 minute lecture on the current state of gun rights and court cases from former NRA-ILA research Mark Overstreet.

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