Birchwood Casey Donates Targets to NSSF’s First Shots Program

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Birchwood Casey Donates Targets to NSSF’s First Shots Program


WASHINGTON, D.C. — NSSF®, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, is pleased to announce that Birchwood Casey, part of GSM Outdoors, has again shown its support for the First Shots® introduction-to-target-shooting program with a generous donation of 10,000 Shoot-N-C targets.

First Shots is an introductory and refresher program made available through host target-shooting ranges across the country. With interest in firearm ownership at record high levels, First Shots programs are meeting the demand for education and experiences in the classroom and on the range.

Birchwood Casey has been a longstanding partner of First Shots. The company has a 70-year history of providing professional-grade gun care and refinishing products to its customers, as well as its Shoot-N-C targets. The company’s familiar red, white and blue labels are a mark of its products sought by gun owners nationwide.

“NSSF’s First Shots program is grateful for this donation of Shoot-N-C targets as well as past support from Birchwood Casey,” said Zach Snow, NSSF Director, Member Development. “These targets reinforce the fun and sense of accomplishment for new and returning target shooters, and they help both instructors and students with their training. The targets are a valuable component to the First Shots experience.”

“Birchwood Casey is proud to be a supporter of NSSF’s First Shots program. First Shots fills an important role by providing that supportive first step for those interested in getting involved in the shooting sports or who want to get back on the range again,” said Tiffani Hogan, Marketing Director, GSM Outdoors.

By providing educational experiences that are safe, fun and memorable, First Shots host ranges are having great success in attracting first timers, further engaging new gun owners and in reactivating lapsed participants. Surveys show that more than 43 percent of First Shots participants are converted to target-shooting enthusiasts who individually spend on average more than $600 annually on their shooting sports endeavors.

NSSF provides host ranges with all the program materials and promotional resources to help offset overall event expenses. Participants are provided handbooks, safety literature and hearing and eye protection for their time spent on the range.

Shooting ranges and firearm instructors can learn how to become a First Shots host here or by contacting Ann Gamauf at 203-426-1320 ext. 247.

If you’re interested to learn about firearm safety, range etiquette and the basic firearm fundamentals to get you on target, find a First Shots seminar near you!