SinterFire 10mm Next Gen. Ammo Available at Rural King

Kersey, PA –

SinterFire 10mm Next Generation Lead Free Ball Ammunition (SF10125NXG) is now available at Rural King. SinterFire NXG 10mm Auto, 125 Grain Lead Free Ball, 50 Rounds 1707141 : RK Guns

SinterFire Next Generation Lead Free Ball offers a more eco-friendly option to shooters while training. This product is a drop-in replacement for lead ball ammo with equivalent point of aim and point of impact.

Ammunition Specifications:

Part number: SF10125NXG

Caliber: 10mm

Grain Weight: 125

Velocity: 1350fps

For more information, call 814-885-6672 or visit:

PR contact is Greg Benini at: