McKee’s Shootrite Academy Changes

2019 is Shootrite’s 25th anniversary. It’s been an incredible journey. Now, it’s time for a change. I’m scaling down on teaching. Classes will be smaller, with attention to developing the defensive skills of serious students. Instruction will be during nicer times of the year. A reduced schedule allows me to devote more time to knife and revolver work. These “hobbies” have created quite a demand. (Keep an eye out for an article on my knives coming out in Guns magazine next year.). I’ll continue writing, and have a couple of new books in the works.

There will be a new range, classroom and a larger shop, with an FFL to handle firearms transactions. The website is getting a much-needed upgrade and will have an online store, where you can find Shootrite “Essentials” - the gear we use and recommend, plus information on knife and revolver work.

This is a great leap forward, one we know will benefit the Shootrite family. A few things to keep in mind: Training dates will be limited. The 2020 schedule will be out soon, but we’re booking private dates now. Check with me on any questions you may have.

One of the great things about this job is the people we meet and the friends made. Keep an eye out for future emails, and our Facebook page for details on the improvements coming.

Tiger McKee

Shootrite Firearms Academy

Tiger McKee founded Shootrite in 1995, where he teaches armed citizens for self-defense, law enforcement officers, military personnel and agents from local, state, and federal agencies.

McKee trained with Jeff Cooper – earning an expert rating in handgun and rifle – wored for many years instructing with Clint Smith at Thunder Ranch. He is a graduate of the FBI’s Firearms Instructor and Sniper class, and worked for several years as an adjunct instructor with the FBI teaching handgun and carbine skills in their Instructor Development classes.

Tiger has appeared on Personal Defense TV in a regular weekly segment, as well as Gun Talk TV and other shows. McKee also published, with Tom Gresham and Gun Talk, “Fighting With The 1911,” a DVD on using the 1911 for self-defense, and has appeared numerous times on Tom Gresham’s and other radio shows. McKee has been the tactical contributor for The Tactical Wire since its start, and currently writes a weekly column.

His first book, “The Book of Two Guns, The Martial Art Of The 1911 Pistol And AR Carbine” was published in 2004, and has sold over 10,000 copies. In addition, McKee has published over fifty articles in SWAT, Gun Digest, FMG publications, Tactical Gear, Tactical Shooter, NRA and others. Several of his writings have been translated and published in Spain. His newest book, “AR15 Skills and Drills,” was published in 2017.

McKee is also a noted firearms R&D expert. He invented the DuckBill Tactical Grip for the AR, a light lanyard used by Streamlight, a target system produced and marketed by Action Targets, and the Shootrite Katana AR15 carbine, built by MHT Defense.