FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2007   ■  

Providence, RI Police Department Selects The Beretta PX4 Storm

ACCOKEEK, MD (September 19, 2007) — Beretta is pleased to announce that the Providence, Rhode Island Police Department has selected the Beretta PX4 Storm (.40 cal.) as the pistol of choice for the agency.

After extensive review and testing, Providence P.D. concluded that the Beretta PX4 Storm pistol C action in .40 caliber, would best suit their day-to-day needs. The agency has ordered 500 PX4 Storm pistols. As part of the contract, Beretta will train the Rhode Island Police Department in the use and maintenance of the pistol.

The Providence Police Department is very familiar with Beretta pistols and confident in the quality and reliability of Beretta products. In fact, the previous agency issue pistol was the Beretta 96D.

Interstate Arms Corporation, one of the largest firearms distributors in the country and an authorized Beretta Law Enforcement Dealer, played a key role in this project and has consistently provided outstanding support to the Providence Police Department Interstate Arms Corporation is located in Billerica, Mass. and they will continue to work closely with Beretta.

"This firearm provided us with all the features we were looking for. With its interchangeable backstraps, this pistol easily adapts to all of our officers instead of the officers having to adapt to the new firearm. That makes for an extremely comfortable fit for everyone. We are extremely pleased with our decision not only with the PX4 Storm but to stay within the Beretta family of firearms," said Captain Steven Melaragno of the Providence Police Department.

According to Elio Oliva, Vice President Law Enforcement/Military Sales & Marketing, "We are honored to have won the opportunity to provide new service pistols to the Providence Rhode Island Police Department. The PX4 delivers the accuracy, safety and reliability that Providence and other law enforcement agencies need as they upgrade to newer generation polymer pistols. Our goal is to provide the Providence law enforcement community with the products and training that they need to ensure the safety of their officers and the communities that they serve"

The Beretta PX4 Storm offers a number of unique features including interchangeable backstraps that make it adaptable to different hand sizes, an ambidextrous manual safety lever ideally positioned on both sides of the slide for easy access by all shooters and a reversible magazine release button that can be quickly replaced by a smaller or larger size button depending on the operator's preference. The interchangeable backstrap and the ability to easily customize the Px4 Storm for individualized comfort and use make the pistol a versatile choice for law enforcement departments that have firearm users with a wide range of hand sizes.

In addition to the product features of the PX4 Storm, this Beretta polymer semi-automatic pistol offers unsurpassed reliability in the field.

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