Military Warriors Support Foundation heads to San Pedro Ranch for Epic Deer Hunt

San Antonio, TX– While struggling with hot weather and wind, Military Warriors Support Foundation headed to San Pedro Ranch in Carrizo Springs, Texas, with four Heroes on October 26-28, 2021. This was an exciting trip while being surrounded by both beautiful nature and unique history.

San Pedro Ranch has been in the Fitzsimons family since 1932. Its 23,000 acres has many soil types, which means an array of flora and fauna are present. This particular ranch was part of the 1812 Spanish Land Act and the epitome of where a cowboy might work and rest their head. During WWII, parts of this ranch saw use as an aerial gunnery range, and remnants can still be found littering the ground and hills.

Four veterans had the opportunity to hunt this unique land for native whitetail deer. Due to the high heat and the rain this past summer, plenty of naturally-growing food was available for the deer to graze, and the feeders were not as effective as they typically are. Only two of the heroes tagged deer; however, Jonathan Fitzsimons invited the other two back for a future visit to the ranch in the upcoming year.

While this was a hunting trip, the benefits are multi-layered, as with all Skills4Life programs. Hunting these grounds with other veterans offered a chance for camaraderie and story sharing around the campfire and dinner table. Everyone had an opportunity to hear others’ stories of past hunting trips and past experiences while also getting to tell their own stories.

The Fitzsimons family and owners of San Pedro Ranch – along with the Skills4Life program – provided a rare and unique experience for these Heroes. We look forward to continuing to pass these experiences along to more combat-wounded heroes.

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Military Warriors Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity founded by LTG Leroy Sisco (Ret), in 2007. Their mission is to provide programs that facilitate a smooth and successful transition for our nation’s combat-wounded heroes and Gold Star families. Their programs focus on housing and homeownership, recreational activities, transportation assistance and leadership development. Through their programs, they have awarded nearly 900 mortgage-free homes and 100 payment-free vehicles to combat-wounded heroes, Gold Star spouses and their families in all 50 states. In addition to the home or vehicle, the families receive family and financial mentoring.

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