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Ergo Grips Sponsoring Adelina Tietz

Moriarty, NM, July 30, 2021- Please join us in welcoming Adelina Tietz as ERGO’s newest sponsored shooter. Adelina is a 20 year old competitive USPSA and action sports shooter from Orange, California. She’s been shooting since she was five years old and is on a mission to inspire young shooters to get into competitive shooting.

Adelina will debut as an ERGO Sponsored Shooter at the Rocky Mountain 3 Gun match on August 12th, 2021. Come join us in Raton, New Mexico for an exciting match.

View more photos and learn more about Adelina’s story and follow her adventure, follow her on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel.

ERGO Sponsored Matches

ERGO is a proud sponsor of local, regional, and national shooting events. Competitive shooting is an important part of the firearm community, bringing about innovation in both firearm safety and performance. Each year, ERGO sponsors matches to promote one of the most exciting sports in America.

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