FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019   ■   NEWS

Matador Arms Regulator Muzzle Brake

…The recently announced first of its kind muzzle device, The Regulator, is now shipping.

Matador Arms has brought a whole new meaning and efficiency to the simple muzzle brake. Still simple in purpose, function and reliability, The Regulator has adjustable ports, allowing shooters to effectively manage muzzle blast and recoil without any tools or downtime.

This versatile and adaptable brake is getting well-deserved attention from all aspects of the shooting community – hunters, precision, competition and target shooters. Beyond Matador’s reputable high quality designs and products, the Regulator is easily fine tuned to each individual’s purpose. It has 60+ engaged settings between fully open and fully closed. Each setting is easily chosen by the user, by simply clicking the locknut at the front of the brake. The Regulator allows shooters to manage muzzle blast and recoil reduction to suit their needs.

Triple chambered for high efficiency, when open, the Regulator’s vertical ports reduce muzzle climb, allowing for extremely fast follow-up shots. When closed, gases are forced forward, away from the shooter. Made of 4140 steel with heat treated, black nitride coating.

Specs: 3.6” LOA, 1.08” OD, 6.8oz.

Available in sizes:

·.223/5.56cal – 1/2x28TPI

·.308/7.62cal – 5/8x24TPI

·9mm – 1/2x28TPI

·6.5mm – 5/8x24TPI

Upon announcing the Regulator, Matador sold out of its planned first run. But, the company has increased its production based on community excitement and now, the new brake is ready to ship at its introductory price of $199.99 USD.

For more information on the Regulator, visit or email