Beretta Celebrates 20th Anniversary of PX4 Series with New Models

Accokeek, MD - Beretta is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the PX4 Storm series by unveiling two new additions to the PX4 Storm family: the PX4 Storm Compact Carry 2, as well as a full-size model, the PX4 Storm G-SD (Super Duty). Both models represent a masterful culmination of two decades of unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, all the while preserving the defining features that have kept the PX4 series, Beretta’s best-kept secret.

Engineered with precision and developed in close collaboration with Langdon Tactical Technology, the enhanced PX4 pistols introduce a groundbreaking low-recoil heavy rotating barrel profile, a result of cutting-edge innovation. This pioneering design guarantees durability, unparalleled control, and precision with every shot, transforming the PX4 into an exceptionally soft-shooting firearm for its size, akin to that of a pistol equipped with a compensator.

Both pistols received enhancements including the installation of a D Hammer spring that elevates trigger control to new levels, a Type-G de-cocker tailored for carry-style use, and an impressively sized magazine release for rapid and decisive action when it matters most. To ensure an unrivaled grip and unshakable confidence in any condition, the Talon Grip offers superior texture. The PX4 Storm Compact Carry 2 is an instinctive choice for concealed carry featuring a bobbed conceal carry hammer ensuring comfort during AIWB carry, making it feel like a seamless extension of yourself.

The Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Carry 2 and G-SD pistols made their debut at the 2024 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV.

“We’re very excited to share new models of the PX4 to celebrate it’s 20th year,” said Ben Grundwerg, Product Manager – ProShop & Special Projects. “We took the best of the configurations developed for this platform over the last 2 decades and incorporated them into focused factory offerings that mirror some of our favorite personal project guns.”

“The G-SD configuration of the PX4 is the best, softest shooting PX4 to date,” Ernest Langdon, President & CEO Langdon Tactical Technology said. “It's not just about how flat and soft it shoots, it is about how quickly and easily the gun comes back to the same point of aim, that is the real key to how great it shoots. It is really remarkable."

For Beretta PX4 owners seeking customization options, Langdon Tactical Technology offers specialized services tailored to this model.

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