Nighthawk Custom GRP & 30 Super Carry in July GUNS

High-performance matchmaking is on full display with Nighthawk Custom’s GRP and Vista Outdoor’s new 30 Super Carry ammunition featured in July GUNS. FMG Publications Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington notes, “If you’re familiar with a full-sized all-steel 5" 1911 you’ve got a good start understanding what the GRP is. NHC had to carefully re-engineer some design elements to properly chamber and run the hot 30 Super Carry round, but the result is a flat shooting, fast firing, reliable handful sure to please.”

Huntington continues, “I tried limp-wristing, shooting upside down, weak-handed — essentially everything I could to get the gun to malfunction. No dice, it ran like gangbusters. Accuracy from a wrist-rest showed an ‘average’ of 1.3" at 25 yards!”

The Savage 1920 was the first American-made, lightweight bolt-action hunting ri­fle, but it came at a time when American hunters preferred lever actions. Dave Anderson explains why, with its brilliant concept, it was a “Rifle Ahead Of Its Time.”

A Staccato XC commands the July GUNS’ Firearms Package Giveaway. Features of the 9mm pistol include a frame made of billet precision-machined steel with an accessory rail, Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating, a Tac Texture grip plus Dawson Precision Fiber Optic front sight and a rear Tactical Dawson Precision Optic System. The Staccato XC in this giveaway is valued at $4,299. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

Also in GUNS July, as travel resumes, some hunters heading abroad wrestle with whether to bring their own gun or rent one upon arrival. It all depends on the circumstances, as Dave Anderson discusses in the Rifles column. Damascus-steel barrels: Are they even safe to shoot? Tom Keer supplies the answer (a definitive yes — with proper care, of course) in the Shotguns installment. And Mike “Duke” Venturino celebrates a century and counting of the legendary “Ma Deuce” — the M2 .50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG) — in Montana Musings.

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