Code of Silence Announces Release of Zone7 Versa Hunting Clothing

Heartland, America – Code of Silence is excited to announce the release of its Zone7 Versa line of hunting clothing. The Zone7 Versa collection from Code of Silence gives hunters camouflage like never before. The Zone7 Versa line perfectly balances the needs of hunters who want warmth during still hunting and concealment for sitting tree stands during the rut while also offering materials and construction that makes movement and shooting easy and without restriction.

“Hunters that give the Zone7 Versa line a try are all incredibly impressed,” says Ev Terrell, co-founder of Code of Silence. He continues, “Zone7 Versa has done with a single jacket and pant what many other camo companies try to do with multiple different lines. It’s very high quality. It’s incredibly versatile. And it’s tailored for the conditions of the rut.” The ability to move in silence, stay warm while still, and remain utterly unseen by deer is what sets The Zone7 Versa line apart. With a lengthy history and an impressive resume in the outdoor apparel space, Terrell knows a good product when he sees one. And the Zone7 Versa line has been custom developed by Terrell and his team of experts at Code of Silence.

Zone7 Versa was designed around hunting the rut in the Midwest. When temps fluctuate between cold at night and mild during the day, Zone7 Versa matches conditions with ease. With a Berber-Wool exterior, WindSeal-TC3 barrier technology, and Fleece-Wool lining on the interior, Code of Silence used only the highest quality materials available for the Zone7 Versa collection. These materials together create unmatched performance for the hunter who is unwilling to settle for less than the best.

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About Code of Silence

Founded in 2021, Code of Silence set out to redefine camouflage hunting clothing. With a focus on ultimate performance, providing hunters with the quietest, warmest, most capable camouflage available is what Code of Silence is all about. Operating in the Heartland of America, the company’s focus is a relentless pursuit of quality. From construction to fit, price to customer service, the team at Code of Silence accepts nothing but the best. That’s why gear from Code of Silence is the warmest, quietest, most concealing camouflage available.

Code of Silence: Embracing better. Unnoticed. Unheard. Absolute zero pressure.


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