WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2021   ■   ONLINE

1791 Gunleather Launches New Website

Miami, FL – Home of the world’s most comfortable premium leather holsters, 1791 Gunleather is excited to announce the launch of a new feature rich website. Experience the premium look and feel of 1791 Gunleather holsters with the new website loaded with great features. Now including an enhanced holster search tool, users can select a particular brand and firearm model and filter through a complete lineup of holsters to find the perfect holster for your favorite firearm.

Like their high-end holsters, the new website is loaded with premium features. See reviews from verified owners, sort through options by style or gun model, and see high resolution images showing every detail of the premium holsters. Whether it’s the new Ultra Custom, the premium Fair Chase whitetail leather holster, a premium leather gun belt or a rifle sling, the new 1791 Gunleather website has just what you need to safely and effectively carry your firearms.

“I absolutely love this holster. Great retention, tucks the gun away really well and has a smooth buttery draw that’s also very quiet. Last but not least, it’s the most comfortable IWB I have ever used. It’s a great quality holster I highly recommend.” – Verified Owner

For more information on the new RVHX line and all of the other premium holsters available from 1791 Gunleather visit

Exercise the Second Amendment as your right and responsibility with pride, knowing that each 1791 Gunleather holster is made from the best premium American 100% Certified, Heavy Native Steerhide and handcrafted to be the best leather holster for your personal firearm.

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