Steambow FENRIS Bow Magazine Offers Unique Archery Experience

Denver, CO The FENRIS system doesn’t fit into the classic bow or crossbow categories — this Steambow magazine makes something truly unique in the archery world.

The FENRIS bow magazine can be mounted on most modern compound bows for high-level accuracy and a fast rate of fire without the need for extensive training. It’s stable and lightweight, making it a reliable setup for hunting. The flexible release design can be adapted to your shooting preferences, and virtually any draw weight is possible — depending solely on the bow itself.

The FENRIS bow magazine is equipped with features to ensure safe operation, including a specially shaped magazine level that allows you to feel when the magazine is empty to prevent dry firing.

The FENRIS bow magazine comes with five carbon arrows with target tips, a mounting adapter, a mounting set, and instruction manual.

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About Steambow

Steambow is an Austrian manufacturer of high-end archery products. Its PowerUnit, a revolutionary approach to the easy, fast, and effortless cocking of powerful crossbows using compressed air, is at the heart of the Steambow concept. From near-silent operation to collapsible limbs for transport to near tool-free string replacement, Steambow makes operating a high-power crossbow incredibly easy.

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