Italian Firearms Group and Pedersoli Bring the “Droptine” to U. S. Hunters

AMARILLO, TEXAS: Combining cutting-edge technology and modern styling with Old World craftsmanship, the Italian firearms Group (IFG) and Davide Pedersoli and Co. proudly introduce the Model 86/71 Lever Action Droptine. From the big-North woods to the brush country of South Texas, the Droptine delivers a modern twist to this classic, dependable and time-honored platform.

Imported exclusively by IFG, the 86/71 Droptine offers hunters a svelte lever action chambered in the workhorse 30-30 Win., and is Pedersoli’s newest addition to the popular Boar Buster line of levers.

The heart of the 86/71 Droptine is a solid steel CNC machined receiver, matched with CNC machined lever. The 21-inch broach rifled barrel is premium match grade quality and is threaded at the muzzle for a suppressor.

After much research and development, Pedersoli engineers created an oversized lever that is both ergonomic and large enough to use while wearing gloves. The rifle’s five-round, tubular magazine loads easily from the right side, while empty brass ejects effortlessly through the top of the receiver.

The 86/71 Droptine comes standard with a fiber optic front sight and a dovetail rear sight, the latter integrated into a Picatinny rail mounted forward of the receiver. This mounting solution is perfect for red-dots or Scout-style rifle scopes that provide fast, precise shot placement.

The Droptine also features an elegant techno-polymer stock and forend done in a handsome tobacco color. The stock has an adjustable cheek piece and can be set for individual hunters with a standard flathead screwdriver or the rim of a cartridge case. The cheek piece can also be adjusted slightly to the left, for a more natural alignment behind the scope when the optic is mounted to the left side of the receiver.

The Droptine stock also features a gentler, less accentuated pistol grip, guaranteeing a more natural and comfortable movement of the arm during loading compared with more classic versions on the market. A thickened forend facilitates a firm grip on the rifle, while combining proportionate dimensions with the overall aesthetics of the gun.

For those hunters who prefer a more traditional style of rifle scope, Pedersoli developed an optional Picatinny base which mounts to the left side of the receiver. The receiver is pre-drilled and tapped for this base. With the mount offset to the left side of the receiver, the Droptine can host most optics on the market today, while still guaranteeing effective extraction of the cartridge case via the top of the receiver.

The 86/71 Droptine is further complemented by manual safety located on the tang, a recoil-absorbing Micro-cell recoil pad, and two sling studs.

The Model 86/71 Droptine is the perfect choice for the modern deer hunter who appreciates the historical connections of going afield with a quality lever action.

Specifications: Pedersoli Model 86/71 Droptine

Action: Lever

Chambering: 30-30 Win.

Capacity: 5 rounds

Receiver: CNC-Machined Steel

Barrel: 21”, Steel, Broached Rifling, Threaded at 5/8”x24 UNF

Finish: Blued Receiver, Barrel, and Lever

Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Dovetail Rear

Safety: Manual, Tang Mounted

Stock: Techno-Polymer, Textured Grip, Tobacco Color

Forend: Techno-Polymer, Textured, Tobacco Color

Overall Length: 37 7/16"

Weight: 8.59 Lbs.

MISC: Micro-Cell Recoil Pad, Sling Studs Front and Rear

MSRP: $2,045.00

About the Italian Firearms Group


Each Partner Manufacturer represents at least one of the four primary categories of firearm manufacturing: competition handguns, hunting handguns and rifles, state of the art shotguns, and historical reproductions. They bring the latest in firearm design, technology, and materials to the USA while continuing to follow the centuries-old gun manufacturing traditions of Europe. Those traditions have always emphasized quality, accuracy, and safety as well as workmanship and beauty. Each of IFG’s Partner Companies are considered leaders in their respective category and are proud to offer their products to the American shooter.

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About Pedersoli

Founded in 1957, Davide Pedersoli and Co., Gardone, Italy, manufactures a diverse collection of working reproductions and historically based firearms for recreational shooters, re-enactors, and hunters. Pedersoli offerings range from dueling pistols to revolvers, from target and hunting rifles to infantry muskets. Also included from Pedersoli are some of the most icon firearms in American history, including reproductions of the 1874 Sharps Silhouette rifle and the black-powder Hawken.