Strongest Coat Hanger For First Responders

World’s Strongest Coat Hanger Is First Choice For First Responders

When it comes to protecting their communities and the property of their neighbors, no one does it better than America’s finest, our first responders. So when a first responder is looking for a way to protect his or her own property, they trust World’s Strongest Coat Hanger. There’s no shortage of equipment and gear required to do the work of these real American heroes and the World’s Strongest Coat Hanger is the go to solution to keep that gear safe, dry, and organized.

Tested for strength, every World’s Strongest Coat Hanger features co-polymer composite I-Beam style construction that results in a safe handling rate of over 140 lbs. With mission critical heavy-duty gear to store, and no time to waste searching for equipment, first responders have no room to compromise. With customizable colors and 100% Made in America quality, it’s no surprise that these heavy duty hangers are a top choice for fire departments and law enforcement teams across the country.

Heavy Duty Technology – Industry Leading Features

Available in quantities from individual hangers up to packs of 40, the World’s Strongest Coat Hanger will ship direct to your door in your favorite color. If that isn’t enough, add your custom logo to feature prominently in the center of the hanger. With a weight rating at well over 100 lbs, every World’s Strongest Coat Hanger is ready to go to work for you. With a unique design featuring hooks, catches, loops, and strap locations there’s no shortage of the number of ways you can take advantage of the versatility and durability of these heavy duty hangers.

Starting at $8.95, the World’s Strongest Coat Hanger might be the last hanger you ever purchase. And it’s the only choice for our nation’s first responders. Free shipping on orders of 12-packs or more and flat rate shipping on smaller orders. World’s Strongest Coat Hangers are made in America with pride, and are making heavy duty technology simple, easy, and fully customizable. World’s Strongest Coat Hangers is very proud to support our first responders and couldn’t be more excited to be the #1 choice for heavy duty storage and organization of their critical gear and equipment.

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