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U.S. LawShield Discusses Domestic Violence, Your Right to Self-Defense


Houston, Texas –– U.S. LawShield®, industry leader and America’s largest provider of Legal Defense for Self Defense® coverage, announces a live YouTube event titled Domestic Violence: Your Right to Self-Defense for Tuesday, May 17, at 11:00 AM CT. During this presentation, U.S. LawShield Independent Program Attorneys will answer the most frequently asked questions about protecting yourself or someone else in a domestic violence situation.

According to U.S. LawShield CEO P.J. Hermosa, “The distress of domestic violence is felt by nearly 40% of people, so the chances of you or someone you know being a victim of abuse are very high. It is enormously important to know what rights you have when protecting yourself against someone you live with. How can you defend your life and your freedom? Fortunately, you have the right to self-defense regardless of who your attacker is, but unfortunately, there is some gray area in these situations.”

In Domestic Violence: Your Right to Self-Defense, discover what rights you have when defending yourself against an abusive spouse, family member, or significant other. “Our Independent Program Attorneys simplify the laws surrounding self-defense in a domestic violence situation and break down what rights you have when protecting yourself or someone else against domestic violence abuse,” said Hermosa.

The U.S. LawShield YouTube event Domestic Violence: Your Right to Self-Defense will cover a wide variety of issues, including:

·What is domestic violence? Is domestic violence a felony?

·Can you own a gun if charged with domestic violence?

·What constitutes self-defense against domestic violence?

·Can men defend themselves against domestic abuse?

·Is it easy to prove self-defense in domestic violence cases?

·What can you do if you’re falsely accused of domestic violence?

“U.S. LawShield is committed to answering your questions and helping you remain responsible, law-abiding, and prepared,” Hermosa added.

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If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, get help from the National Domestic Violence Hotline by phoning 1-800-799-7233.

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