EasyExport Announces Launch of GlobalPlus Service

Hartford, CT – EasyExport® announces the introduction of EasyExport GlobalPlus™, a version of its groundbreaking automated export-processing service that also includes powerful tools to fuel long-term growth of merchants’ international revenues.

EasyExport’s core services enable any company in the firearms industry to ship guns, parts, optics, and accessories to civilian and law enforcement customers in 82 countries safely, reliably and affordably. EasyExport eliminates nearly all opportunities for error, dramatically reducing the staff time and expense associated with shipping firearms and related products internationally.

Core EasyExport services include the following:

·Classification of products for U.S. export and foreign-country import requirements

·Vetting and approval of all international buyers

·Instant processing of international orders for export license and import permit requirements

·Preparation, submission, and management of export licenses

·Review and approval of customers’ import permits before shipment

·Shipping help-desk support for everything related to shipping, including shipping labels, customs declarations, AES submissions, shippers’ letters of instruction, and delayed or lost shipments.


·Training and unlimited support.

EasyExport GlobalPlus customers receive additional services – at no extra cost – that leverage EasyExport’s unique capabilities to expand their international footprint and grow their international revenues. Services reserved to EasyExport GlobalPlus customers include:

·Monthly statistical reports, drawn from EasyExport’s proprietary data, that enable EasyExport GlobalPlus customers to benchmark their performance and pricing, to spot opportunities for growth, and to cater to the unique needs of international customers.

·Exposure to EasyExport’s continuously expanding pool of registered, vetted, and approved international buyers from 82 countries.

·“Boots on the ground” in international markets via EasyExport’s growing network of “preferred partner” dealers throughout the EasyExport service territory.

·EasyExport “matchmaking” services to help U.S. sellers create new relationships with firearm dealers in 82 international markets.

To qualify for GlobalPlus, EasyExport subscribers must offer to international buyers all or most of the products they offer domestic customers in their ecommerce stores. They also must agree to accept ecommerce orders from registered buyers in all or most of the 82 countries in the EasyExport service territory.

Introducing the new EasyExport GlobalPlus service, EasyExport CEO and co-founder Jeff Grody said, “EasyExport was designed for the GlobalPlus user, the American seller that wants not only a safe and affordable way to export, but the ability to grow its export business throughout our service territory. In exchange for their commitment to work hard to provide attractive shopping alternatives to all international buyers, EasyExport supports them with powerful tools to succeed. Our merchants’ success will fuel EasyExport’s success.”

About EasyExport®

EasyExport is the only solution that enables any seller of firearms, parts, or optics in the United States to ship legally, reliably, and affordably to lawful firearm owners and dealers around the world. EasyExport makes fulfilling international orders almost as easy as domestic orders.

EasyExport’s no-risk service makes it practical for every manufacturer and reseller in the firearms industry to sell into the global market. Set-up costs are low, contracts are cancellable at any time, and sellers pay only for orders received and shipments shipped.

EasyExport contracts include full training and continuous support. No export compliance expertise is required. Start selling internationally in about two weeks. EasyExport provides a total, proven commercial and regulatory solution.

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