Redding Reloading Equipment Type S Elite Die Sets

Cortland, NY…..Redding Reloading Equipment has once again established a new die set based on customer feedback. The past few years you have seen the introduction of many new sets like the National Match, Master Hunter and the Premiums as a result of changing trends in the category and stated desires of the customer base. The latest, the Redding, Type S Elite die set is also a direct result of customer feedback and is available for 85 different cartridges.

The Type S Elite set is comprised of a Type S Bushing Full Die, A Type S Bushing Neck Die and the unparalleled Redding Competition Seating Die. All Type-S dies use an interchangeable bushing to control neck diameter and tension to an increment of 0.001”. Bushings are available in hardened steel but also are available with a TIN (Titanium Nitride) coating for even greater lubricity. This allows the handloader complete control and precision when setting the appropriate neck tension without fear of over working the brass in the case neck. These bushings are also free-floating to self-center on the case neck for a higher degree of sizing accuracy. These features provide not only an enhanced degree of control but significant improvements to consistency and accuracy of the final loaded rounds.

Consumers wanted the ability to both full-length and neck size in the same set. Previously this was not available as the Type S Match Bushing neck die set included a Body Die which would set the shoulder position and size the diameter of the case but it required a second and separate operation. The new Type S Elite Set provides the user with the option of using the bushing to size the neck and still full-length size in one operation when it is deemed necessary. This becomes even better when combined with Redding’s Competition Shellholder set to precisely set shoulder position to a desired and chamber matching length.

The final die in the set is the Redding Competition seating die with its micrometer depth adjustment and unique sliding sleeve coupled with a free-floating seat stem. All of which provides a very high degree of concentricity enhancing control of the case and bullet during the seating process.

Redding Reloading Equipment has focused on building the finest quality, American Made products for the precision handloading market since 1946. To learn more about our ongoing commitment to the precision handloading enthusiast and to request a copy of the new 2020 Redding catalog visit: