Meprolight Tritium Enhanced FRBS

Reports from gun shops around the country indicate that individuals who recently purchased MSRs are now coming in to purchase accessories and optics for their rifles. Meprolight Dealers have reported that one of their top selling items is the Mepro FRBS™ Back-Up sights. Customers are recognizing the need to be prepared for any contingency.

Most likely you’ve heard, two is one and one is none. The phrase was first used in the special operations community and is now repeated by many. Why? Because it is true. What do you do if you dropped your MSR and broke the glass on your optic? What do you do if the batteries on your red-dot sight go down? Murphy’s Law will tell you that it will happen at the worst possible moment. Meprolight provided the solution to those scenarios, the adjustable Mepro FRBS—Front, Rear Backup Sights—will allow you to continue shooting.

The durable, tritium enhanced, secondary sights are designed to lay flat against the Picatinny rail to maintain a low profile and be out of the way until needed. They are constructed of fiberglass reinforced high-grade polymer and metal with a rearward operating spring that allows you to quickly flip them up into place. Windage and elevation adjustments are easy, no special tools required. The Mepro FRBS is the only backup sight on the market that incorporates tritium in the sights to improve the sight picture in any light….day or night. The night-time illumination is designed bright enough to see them but not too bright to impact sight picture. Choice of two dot or four dot rear sight and is available in matte black, OD Green or Desert tan.

No matter your style of shooting—Self-Defense, Competitive, Hunting or Military/LE—the tritium enhanced Mepro FRBS allows you to stay in the fight when your primary optic go down. It comes with a 12-yr. warranty on the tritium luminance.

Meprolight Dealers also benefit from the upgraded Dealer Locator program on the website. “We recognized the importance of customers being able to easily and quickly find the Meprolight Dealer closest to them, so we upgraded the software to make this happen”. Bill Yerby, V.P.G.M. Sales and Marketing.

For more information on ordering the popular Mepro FRBS™ or to become a Meprolight Dealer, visit or call (717) 985-4482.