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Rochester, NY – The first Craftsman Collection PCP-powered air rifles from Benjamin are in the field and delivering impressive reviews from experts and consumers alike. Developed to fulfill the demands of Benjamin’s consumer base, the Cayden, Akela and Kratos each achieve the unique style PCP enthusiasts have requested while maintaining the accuracy, reliability and customization that the brand is known for. Benjamin also added an extra level of class to the collection by featuring exotic-figured Turkish Walnut stocks, resulting a premium offering at an affordable price point.

All three of these air rifles sport a side lever-action and multi-shot rotary magazine that is perfect for small game, pest control and recreational shooting. The rifled steel barrel helps deliver lead-pellet velocities of up to 1,000 feet per second with the power adjustment on full and up to 60 accurate shots per fill of the reservoir. Each rifle in this collection contains an adjustable trigger shoe and a Picatinny rail for the attachment of scopes, sights or other accessories. All three come in .22 caliber and the Kratos comes in an additional .25 caliber.

Each model is unique in design to fit the styles of today’s PCP shooter. The Cayden is built with a more traditional rifle silhouette that shoulders comfortably. The adjustable cheekpiece helps shooter’s achieve proper shooting form and anchoring. The Kratos features a bottle-PCP design that moves the center of gravity more towards the center while the stock maintains the same adjustability of the Cayden. Last, the Akela is a bullpup design that is lighter and more maneuverable but still shoulders extremely well.

“The feedback from the marketplace has been nothing short of phenomenal,” says Phillip Guadalupe, Product Manager for Benjamin. “From our most die-hard consumers to industry influencers, they tell us we have exceeded their expectations and know this will be a lasting staple in the Benjamin portfolio.”

The initial reactions are plentiful and easy to come by. Rick Rehm of the YouTube channel Shooter1721 mentions that the Kratos is a “real tack driver” and “had a 100 yard grouping with under a ¾” spread during his benchmark testing (link). Zechariah Gaskins gave a thorough review of the Akela and mentions, “This gun is outstanding! No complaints!” and that “This gun does exactly what [Benjamin] says it does and does it really well!” (link).

Each model is shipping now with prices starting at $599 for the Cayden to $699 for the Kratos on

About Benjamin Airguns

Walter R. Benjamin of St. Louis, Missouri introduced the first quality Benjamin air rifle in 1882. Today, that legacy continues as Benjamin leads the high-performance PCP category with products like the iconic Marauder as well as premium pellet ammo and PCP filling solutions. In 2015, Benjamin introduced the Airbow and Bulldog that brought airguns into the world of big-game hunting while continuing the tradition hand-made excellence through the Benjamin Custom Shop.

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