GPO RANGETRACKER 1800 Rangefinder

RICHMOND, Va. — German Precision Optics (GPO) USA announces the introduction of the new compact, lightweight, one-handed RANGETRACKER 1800 Rangefinder. Designed to meet and exceed the rangefinding needs of the hunter, the new 6x RANGETRACKER™ 1800 allows the hunter to accurately range its target out to 1800 yards with one of the fastest laser rangefinding systems on the market.

The GPO RANGETRACKER™ 1800 handheld rangefinder incorporates state-of-the-art optical and electronic technology, wrapped into a small durable multi-use rangefinding tool. It will work perfectly for both long-range rifle hunting (up to 1800 yards) and close archery usage (6 yards.)

Key features of the GPO RANGETRACKER™ 1800 include a high-transmission optical system coated with GPO’s proprietary GPObright™ lens coatings, both line of sight and/or True-range™ adjusted angle distance readings, a Hyperscan™ feature that provides three readings per second, Targetseeker™ technology that offers “best” and “last” laser hits and an outside temperature reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The display is an HLDC system that allows up to 25% more light to get through the optical system, making it usable in very low-light situations.

“We are excited to bring our laser rangefinding technology to the hunting markets,” said Mike Jensen, GPO owner and CEO. “By using the very best designers, materials, manufacturing and quality control available in the world we very successfully launched rangefinders in the golf market last year. We anticipate our new RANGETRACKER for the hunting market to be even more successful.”

The RANGETRACKER has an retail price of $399.99 and is currently available at retailers nationwide. For more information on this product line call 1-844-MY-BINOS (692-4667) or visit


German Precision Optics was founded on the premise that design, engineering and quality management is 100-percent controlled in Germany to its strictest standards, yet products can be produced at some of the largest production facilities around the world. This unique corporate structure allows GPO to offer the highest quality products with better features at a significantly better price. The company is 100-percent confident that all of its products will not only function perfectly but will exceed all expectations. Therefore, GPO, USA has created an industry-leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™. With outstanding professional service, GPO USA will take care of its products before, during, and after the purchase at no charge, ever. Founded in 2016, GPO has its U.S. headquarters in Richmond, Va. For more information on GPO USA, visit or call 844-MY BINOS (844-692-4667).

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