X-Vision Optics Night Vision Rangefinder

Red Wing, MN. The X-Vision Optics Night Vision Rangefinder is every hunter’s new best friend. This rangefinding monocular combines the premium technology of rangefinding, night vision, and magnification all into one powerful device. With a 6x magnification, total darkness distance of 150 yards, rangefinding capability up to 200 yards, and daytime distance of 400 yards, this rangefinder opens the door for every kind of adventure at any time of the day with its unique trio of technology.

This X-Vision Optics Rangefinder is perfect for any harsh environment with its tough exterior that is durable and built to last. It has a dust and water resistant to an International Protection Rating of IP52. Built with an ergonomic design, the device weighs only 0.5 lb for optimal comfort.

“This handheld rangefinding monocular is ideal for any hunter. When bow hunting, I can get to my stand in total darkness and get all my ranging done before daybreak. The device fits perfectly in my hand and limits my movement and motion in the stand with the constant ranging feed in the view finding screen. So, when the deer are up and moving, I am ready to throw an arrow” Chris Shimek, X-Vision Optics, owner & partner.

Its ability to automatically transition from day vision to night vision means no hassle with a lens cap. If the rangefinder is not in use for more than 5 minutes, it will automatically shut off to conserve battery power. There are four simple buttons for straightforward operation. Because of the viewing screen, you can easily use this rangefinding monocular with eyeglasses. Its efficient technology allows you to comfortably hold it with one hand as you navigate rough terrain. Package comes with a protection case and wrist strap.


·Nighttime Full Dark Distance: 150 yards

·Day Time Max Distance: 400 yards

·Range Finding Distance: 200 yards

·Optical Lens: 3x

·Minimum Magnification: 3x

·Maximum Magnification: 6x

·Field of View @ 100 yards: 20 yards

·Battery Type: AA Qty 6

·Day Time Battery Life: 9 hours

·Nighttime Battery Life: 4 hours

·Screen Size: 1.5 in

·Unit Size: 5.20in x 2.20in x 3.50in

·Weight: 0.5 lb

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