Tink’s and Dead Down Wind Announce Their Continued Partnership with Pursue the Wild

Arcus Hunting’s category-leading brands Tink’s® and Dead Down Wind™ are excited to announce their continued partnership with professional hunter Kristy Titus and her series, “Pursue the Wild”. The series, viewable on Pursuit Channel, Pursuit Up, WildTV, WildTV Plus, and Carbon TV follows Titus from shooting at her Wyoming ranch, to training and preparing the pack string for backcountry hunts while inspiring western traditions.

“Kristy is an exceptional hunter and the way she ties our lineups of scent elimination and hunting lures to the part they play in contributing to her success is remarkable. She has long contributed to our brands' success, and we are pleased to continue our collaboration.,” says Teri Quinn, Director of Marketing for Arcus Hunting.

“Tink’s and Dead Down Wind have an unwavering commitment to excellence and have been trusted for generations with products designed to help hunters succeed from whitetail to big game hunting worldwide” says Kristy, host of Pursue the Wild. “Both brands have been an integral part of Pursue the Wild and with shared success, I am looking forward to another incredible year and partnership with Tink’s and Dead Down Wind.”

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About Tink’s and Dead Down Wind

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