"Life of Fire" - New TV Series on Outdoor Channel

Meet the People Practicing Time-Honored Methods of Traditional Barbecue and Live Fire Cooking Monday, May 6 at 9 p.m. ET

DENVER – Outdoor enthusiasts, barbecue aficionados, and all who savor the primal allure of cooking over fire are in for a treat as Outdoor Channel unveils its latest culinary adventure, Life of Fire, premiering on Monday, May 6 at 9 p.m. ET. The show, hosted by renowned Tennessee pitmaster Pat Martin, takes viewers on a journey into America's rich barbecue culture and the art of live fire cooking.

In Life of Fire, Pat Martin goes on a cross-country expedition to discover those who’ve mastered the art of traditional barbecue methods and live fire cooking. Each episode is a window into diverse practices—ranging from classic Tennessee pithouses to the open-flame pit barbecues of Alabama, the age-old techniques of North Georgia, the early American traditions of Virginia, and the unique fusion flavors of California.

The series not only showcases different barbecue styles and techniques but also casts the spotlight on the resilient heritage and storytelling that forms the bedrock of these cultures. Including forays into international terrains with episodes highlighting Greek and Laotian customs, Martin's quest is a testament to the enduring legacy of cooking with fire.

Life of Fire comes at a time when there’s renewed interest in culinary history and a growing desire for content from our viewers that showcases the elemental connection between food, fire, and community.” said Tim Cremin, Head of Programming at Outdoor Sportsman Group.

"I’ve been dreaming about showcasing our country's roots in barbecue and live fire cooking, and I’m so humbled and honored that the teams at Intuitive Content and Outdoor Channel have given me this opportunity to share what I love with their audiences,” says Martin. "I’m passionate about exploring these pieces of our history, learning about others’ cultural heritage, and making sure the old ways don’t die. Technology has sped up our daily lives in almost every way and the art of cooking over fire and coals is not immune to this. With so many folks now using electric or gas-assisted smokers or grills to take the work out of the process, we risk losing those time-honored methods and techniques, and more importantly the individual, family, and community stories that make America identify so strongly with barbecue and live fire cooking.”

The criterion for Martin’s pilgrimage is clear – to unite lovers of fire-cooked foods and to kindle conversation about the indispensability of maintaining these historical avenues of culinary expression. Viewers will be granted backstage access to the spaces where meat, heat, and smoke converge, learning from the masters of these traditions themselves.

“You’ll find us burning wood down to coals to cook, using above- and in-ground pits, as well as utilizing forgotten cuts of meat and preparing the foods most people eat every day in unexpected ways. My hope is that viewers will learn something new and follow along with all of the fun, because we had a blast traveling cross-country to meet up with some of my favorite people in the business of food,” shared Martin.

Martin released his debut book, Life of Fire: Mastering the Arts of Pit-Cooked Barbecue, The Grill, and The Smokehouse (Clarkson Potter), in the Spring of 2022. Through beautiful photography and detailed instruction, this procedural book is a must-have guide to open-fire cooking. Here, Martin looks to transform the way you cook by revealing the craft of West Tennessee-style whole hog barbecue - a tradition he has spent a lifetime studying, teaching, and celebrating.

Tune in to Outdoor Channel on Monday, May 6 at 9 p.m. ET for the premiere of Life of Fire. Martin's illuminating exploration of America's barbecue heritage promises to set the standard for televised culinary adventures.

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