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Hillsdale College Hosts Couples for Liberty Camp

HILLSDALE, Mich. — Hillsdale College hosted its 12th annual Couples for Liberty camp series from May 22-25 at the John A. Halter Shooting Sports Education Center. Through basic training and lessons on gun safety, Couples for Liberty seeks to increase participants’ confidence when handling firearms. Campers also heard lectures from Hillsdale College faculty on topics related to the U.S. Constitution and Second Amendment rights.

“Through the time spent at the pistol and shotgun ranges, as well as in the classroom, each participant walks away with a renewed sense of confidence,” said program coordinator Gena Grant. “The Couples for Liberty programs invite each person to learn new skills, enjoy camaraderie with friends, and enhance their knowledge of the Second Amendment.”

Highly trained individuals walked participants through various courses including self-defense and clay-target shooting.

“Our first priority is safety. We ensure everyone’s shooting skills are strengthened through proper instruction and direction,” said Sheila Hoekstra, head pistol instructor.

Participants are housed on campus in the Dow Hotel and Conference Center. Meals are provided by the AcuSport Grill, a new restaurant at the Halter Center that opened May 10.

“The facilities are top-notch,” said head shotgun instructor Sheila Brey. “I enjoy working with a team of excellent instructors to provide a safe and memorable experience.”

View photos from the event here.

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