Bad Moon Armory a part of Tactical Buyers Club

New alliance forged with our favorite Kentucky Gun Store! is happy to announce that we're now working with Bad Moon Armory, an FFL/gun dealer whose avowed intention is to Cerakote Kentucky. Bad Moon (or, as we call 'em, House Badmoon)

Bad Moon Armory assembles and services weapons, provides premier Cerakote services, and carries their own line of parts as well. Our favorite, of course, is Woodland Camo, but they can do all sorts of other color schemes - including Rhodesian camouflage for one of our ongoing projects. Don't need blaster work? Then check out the Badmoon whiskey flask; we reckon that's an outstanding idea your Christmas list.

We're looking forward to offering codes and special purchase opportunities from our favorite Kentucky gun store.

Check out the rest of the Tactical Gear Buyers Club as well. It's a great, bustling, virtual souk of awesomeness. It's an online market where the finest tactical gear in the world can be acquired by our readers and Patreon backers. The House has its own desultory blog as well - read about things as varied as Hydralight lanterns and AK wood furniture.

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