Heritage Preservation Trust Awards Grant to Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors

Wichita, KS- Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors was awarded a grant from the Heritage Preservation Trust. These funds will be used to expand the rapidly growing Shooting Sports Outreach Program to engage participants in high school and college shooting sports in hunting activities.

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors has been engaged in recruiting mentors for at-risk youth since its beginnings in 2002. In the second year of our new Shooting Sports Outreach Program, Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors more than doubled the number of hunts and participants from the first year of the program, fielding over 200 hunts with over 550 participants. The support from the Heritage Preservation Trust provides resources that will be used to further expand the program in the coming year.

Brittany French, Director of Field Operations commented, “This last year has let us show that our Shooting Sports Outreach Program can be scaled and yields the kind of results needed to create more hunters. We have athletes, volunteer mentors, and landowners flocking to us wanting to get involved. The support we receive from organizations like Heritage Preservation Trust allows us to continue to grow and expand our efforts to get shooting sports athletes in the field, hunting. We are incredibly thankful to have their support in our mission!”

“We’re in the business of conserving land for future generations,” said Heritage Preservation Trust CEO Doug Saunders. “We understand the importance hunters and shooters play in the perpetuation of our efforts, so we are happy to partner with Pass It On to help find more ways to recruit the next generation of conservationists.”

“Moving the R3 needle requires partnership among all of the stakeholders to insure that the next generation has the opportunity to experience the great outdoors we all know and love.,” said Mike Christensen, Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors President. “We’re proud to have the support of the Heritage Preservation Trust as we build this effort on a bigger scale.”

About the Heritage Preservation Trust:

Heritage Preservation Trust preserves and protects America's natural and historical resources for the benefit of present and future generations using conservation easements to preserve some of America's most valuable remaining wildlife habitat, sustainable agricultural lands and forestry resources. Our country's hunting heritage is a critical cultural element that deserves preserving, and that's part of the passion behind Heritage Preservation Trust.

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