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The Remington Podcast: Live at NRA Annual Meetings

LONOKE, Ark. –– Remington Ammunition will be recording live episodes of The Remington Podcast at the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, on Saturday, May 18, in Booth #8644.

The Remington Podcast takes a deep dive into all things ammunition, covering ballistics and product info, shooting sports tips, hunting stories and much more with special guests from across the industry.

At this year’s NRAAM, podcast guests include Scot Storm, prolific wildlife artist, Danyela D’Angelo, Team Remington ambassador and 3-Gun competitor, Scott Olmsted, American Hunter’s Editor-in-Chief, Dustin Sanchez, Team Remington pro-shooter, and Jim Curcuruto, Executive Director of Outdoor Stewards of Conservation.

“Big Green’s booth at this year’s NRA show is more action-packed than ever,” said Remington’s Director of Marketing Joel Hodgdon. “With one of the best outdoor artists Scot Storm signing Remington Bullet Knife posters and a host of other guest appearances, events and giveaways, everyone who stops by the booth in Dallas is sure to have a good time.”

Remington will offer show-goers exclusive swag, a first-hand look at new products, and a chance to win a Remington safe.

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