New Master Sight Pusher by Real Avid

Change Press-Fit Sights Like a Pro!

Real Avid, the Leader in DIY for Guns®, expands their smart gunsmithing tools with the introduction of the new Master Sight Pusher™. This innovative tool is designed to easily and safely remove and install press-fit pistol sights.

The Master Sight Pusher is a professional grade tool that makes quick work out of replacing or upgrading pistol sights. This modern gunsmithing tool is heavy-duty, built to last, and smartly designed to work with almost all modern pistol sights and slides. The oversized, ergonomic Easy Torque Handle™ partners with extra-fine-drive threads to provide maximum torque with minute adjustment capabilities for precise sight alignment.

A reversible universal press block features multiple contact surfaces for almost any size and style of press-fit dovetail slots and sight profiles. The slide cradle is adjustable, with non-marring contact surfaces to deliver a secure hold on both 1911 pistols and pistols with flat-bottom slides. The Master Sight Pusher also includes spring-loaded vertical adjustment knobs as well as a safe lock anti-torsion frame for optimal control.

"Upgrading pistol sights is one of the first things serious shooters will do to their handguns, and night sight upgrades are especially important to home and personal defense practitioners," said Howard Tripp, Real Avid Chief Innovation Officer. "The problem many DIY enthusiasts face is conquering the interference-fit dovetail configuration found on most of the popular handguns. Lacking the proper removal and installation tools, the task is difficult, and that expensive gun or sight set can be easily damaged. Our new Master Sight Pusher eliminates this problem and is adaptable to work with most 1911 and striker-fired pistols on the market today."

Another great feature of The Master Sight Pusher is the bench face attachment ridge, which allows for simple attachment to any work bench. The oversized and comfortable Easy Torque Handle makes turning a breeze and features an integrated 3/8 ratchet receiver to provide additional leverage for pushing stubborn or seized sights. A heavy-duty grip helps secure the tool while turning the oversized Easy Torque Handle.

"At Real Avid, our focus is to provide tooling and task solutions for the DIY gun enthusiast," said Dave Steiner, Real Avid President. "Since pistol sights represent one of the most common and needful upgrades for shooters, and since most handgun enthusiasts own more than one make or style of pistol, it made sense for us to develop a universal-style sight pusher. The new Master Sight Pusher allows shooters to install their favorite sight without going to a gunsmith or purchasing a costly sight installer for each model handgun they use."

The Real Avid Master Sight Pusher Specifications:

· Safe lock anti-torsion frame

· Bench vise attachment ridge

· Ergonomic control grip

· Easy Torque Handle with 3/8” rachet receiver

· Magnum rush rod and universal press block

· Four side clamp adjustment knobs

· Two spring-loaded vertical adjustment knobs

· Accommodates most makes and models of striker-fire and 1911 pistols

· MSRP: $149.99

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