AirForce Airguns and Rapid Air Worx Join Sponsors of 2024 Cajun Spring Classic/AAFTA Grand Prix

AirForce Airguns and Rapid Air Worx have joined as sponsors of the 2024 Cajun Spring Classic and American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) Grand Prix match set for April 12-14, 2024. The event will be held at the Bayou Airgun Club/Jean Lafitte Airgun Range in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Jean Lafitte Airgun Range is regarded as the finest and most original of airgun ranges.

The Cajun Spring Classic is widely regarded as the grande dame of airgun competitions, serving as the national championship for at least 7 years of its more than 30-year history. The Cajun Classic annually plays host to the finest and most respected airgun shooters as well as the world’s leading manufacturers of air rifles and accessories.

The first Cajun Classic was held in the Spring of 1989 at the Bayou Airgun Club and hosted field target shooters from across the United States. Since that match, the Classic has expanded to be a global event attracting airgunners from all corners of the globe. The Bayou Airgun Club itself was founded in 1988 by Jack and Terry Kirkendoll as a place for airgunners to shoot field target. Nobody could have envisioned BAC becoming the center of competitive field target airgunning.

This year, AirForce and RAW are serving as product sponsors of this all-important event to help further the importance and significance of competitive field target airgun shooting. AirForce is donating a TalonP air rifle as a prize. AirForce continues to set the mark for air rifles in calibers ranging from .177 to the deer stopping .50, while the Rapid Air line is the industry standard for precision long range airgunning.

“We are honored to be counted among the sponsors of this major event in the airgun universe,” noted AirForce founder and CEO John McCaslin. “Airgun competitions like the Cajun are a major part of the growth of airgunning. At AirForce and RAW, we pride ourselves on producing powerful and accurate air rifles for a wide array of uses. The expansion of both the AirForce and Rapid Air product lines maintain the quality and accuracy that are our hallmarks as well as reflecting the growing popularity of airgun hunting and target shooting.”

AirForce Airguns remains at the forefront of the airgun industry, being the first to mass-produce high-quality PCP air rifles in the United States. Proudly manufactured in Burleson, Texas, each rifle exemplifies precision and excellence, assembled with components that include the renowned German-made Lothar Walther match grade barrel. As a founding member of the Airgun Sporting Association, AirForce Airguns actively advocates for airgun education at every level, including local, state, and national. With the acquisition of BKL in 2010, expansion of the Texas-made offerings to include top-tier optics mounting products has enhanced their reputation for innovation. The acquisition of RAW Airguns in 2018 further solidified their legacy under the inspiring brand name Rapid Air Worx, ensuring a commitment to precision and excellence. AirForce and Rapid Air Worx offer unparalleled quality, performance, and a testament to American-made ingenuity.

Air Is the Future® at AirForce Airguns and Rapid Air Worx (RAW)

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