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The Bulletproof Backpack and Ease of Deployment

Bodyguard has pioneered a patented solution to help incorporate front and back ballistic protection into everyday life. Traditional backpack body armor solutions have typically focused on protection from the back, presenting a limitation: leaving a user’s front exposed and unprotected. Not only do they leave the front of the body exposed, they make mobility cumbersome due to the imbalance created by the armor’s weight.

Bodyguard Armored Backpacks addresses these challenges through an innovative “conceal and deployment” style system. It resembles a conventional backpack, with armor components neatly and deployable as needed. It allows individuals to maintain a non-threatening appearance suitable for everyday use by anyone, anywhere.

At first glance, the backpack functions like any standard backpack. It is suitable for everyday items and comes equipped with a laptop compartment. It features a front pocket, two fabric compartments, and expandable side pockets for small items and water bottles. A Velcro cummerbund is included for additional support and is necessary for correct placement on the First Responder model. However, the integrated armor system sets Bodyguard Armored Backpacks apart. Between the main compartment and the padded back support, there is a dedicated compartment for body armor plates—a rear plate behind the shoulder straps and a front chest plate housed in a secondary compartment.

Deploying the armor is straightforward and swift. To prepare for use, a user inserts the desired soft or hard plates into the designated compartments. The front chest piece is stored upside down and is easily deployable by pulling two straps (ripcords) integrated with the shoulder straps. In an emergency, pulling these cords releases the armor, allowing the user to swing the chest plate into position simply by lifting and lowering their arms, securing the plate against the body. These straps can hang loosely or attach to the waist belt for additional stability.

When a threat is observed, or deployment of the armor is necessary, a user would use the integrated ripcords, pulling the entire assembly straight up with enough force to release them from the Velcro and extend the chest piece out of the enclosure. With their arms extended upward, they would pull the cords over their head and in front of themselves, essentially moving the chest plate forward of the user. The final step is to continue moving your arms downward while extending to place the chest piece directly in front and against the body. Pull, Push, Down, Back.

Re-securing the chest plate involves reversing the deployment steps: the chest piece goes back into its compartment upside down, ensuring the pull cords are properly reattached to the backpack shoulder straps for future use. The integration of Molle loops allows for carrying additional gear and magazines on the chest, enhancing readiness and accessibility and providing ample room in the armor storage compartment.

Bodyguard Armored Backpacks are designed for quick deployment. It can prepare a user for defensive and offensive situations in milliseconds while maintaining an ordinary backpack's outward appearance. This seamless blend of functionality and discretion makes any Bodyguard armored backpack an essential tool for anyone seeking fast, reliable protection in any scenario.

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