Walker's Hearing Protection Sponsors MidwayUSA Foundation

A long time staple in the world of hearing protection has joined MidwayUSA Foundation’s growing list of sponsors. Walker’s, a brand of GSM Outdoors, proves they are committed to the future of the outdoor and shooting industry with this sponsorship. Walker’s products will be featured in MidwayUSA Foundation’s product grant program.

A variety of hearing protection will be provided to youth shooting teams and organizations, at no cost, to assist with their local fundraising efforts. Proceeds raised with MidwayUSA Foundation product grants can be split between the team’s endowment, where they are matched for long-term funding, and kept locally to cover immediate expenses of the team. Products offered to participating youth shooting programs change often, but currently there are a variety of unique bundles that include Walker’s Razor Slim Passive Muff, Walker’s Silencer BT 2.0 Ear Buds, and Walker’s Ikon Carbine Glasses. Learn more about MidwayUSA Foundation’s product grant program on their website:

Industry leaders interested in offering their products in this program through a sponsorship with MidwayUSA Foundation can receive great brand exposure with current and future consumers. Interested business leaders are encouraged to contact John Linquist, MidwayUSA Foundation Relationship Manager, by email or phone 573-219-7688.

About Walker’s Hearing Protection: For over 25 years Walker’s has developed innovative solutions to provide ear protection for shooting, hunting, and commercial applications. Walker’s line of products is widely considered the industry standard for shooting ear protection and safety. With the introduction of advanced digital circuitry & nano tech water repellence, Walker’s continues to raise the bar and provide the best shooting hearing protection.

GSM Outdoors equips its customers to explore the outdoors, connect with nature and fellow hunting, shooting and fishing enthusiasts alike, to create unforgettable experiences. Conservation of the environment and natural resources is central to GSM’s mission to preserve, protect and enhance the outdoors for generations to come.

The MidwayUSA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity working to sustain and grow youth shooting sports by providing long-term funding to youth shooting teams. Every donation made is tax-deductible and allows the Foundation to assist in expanding and enhancing the leadership skills, confidence, and discipline of today's youth through shooting sports activities. The Foundation supports all shooting disciplines. For more information about how the MidwayUSA Foundation is changing the future of youth shooting sports, please visit or call 1-877-375-4570.