Suppress Every Gun in Your Safe with the JK Armament 155 PCX .45CAL

Hammett, ID – One can to rule them all! The JK 155 PCX .45cal is rated for 45 ACP and 9mm full-auto use as well as for use on other pistol calibers from 25 ACP on up to 357 Magnum, and even on 300 Blackout, all without barrel length restrictions. It can even be used on rifles chambered in 223/5.56, 350 Legend, 308 Win, 300 Win Mag, 45-70, and many more with varying barrel length requirements. This makes the 155 PCX an extremely versatile choice!

Mission Configurable like all of JK Armament’s silencers, the 155 PCX .45cal is a scant 3.3 inches long and a shockingly light 3.7 ounces in its micro configuration. In its full configuration with all eight baffles, it’s still only 8.7 inches long and weighs just 11 ounces. By simply adding or removing baffles – no specialized tools needed! – the user is able to choose the length, weight, and sound suppression that’s right for the firearm and the mission.

JK 155 PCX .45cal key features and specs:

? Grade 5 Titanium JK 155 PRO blast baffle

? 7x 7075 billet aluminum JK 155 LT modular baffles

? Industry-standard HUB 1.375x24 mount size

? JK 155 LT Quick Attach Taper Mount installed

? JK 155 LT Flash Reducer End Cap

? Length: 3.3” to 8.7”

? Diameter: 1.55”

? Weight: 3.6 oz to 11 oz

? Finish: Type 3 Hard Anodize and Cerakote

With its .45 caliber bore, Mission Configurable design, and universal mounting size, the JK 155 PCX .45cal is ready to suppress every pistol and rifle in your safe! Find out more on the JK Armament website HERE.

About JK Armament

JK Armament was established in 2019 in gorgeous southern Idaho near the Snake River. JK’s founder, Jake Kunsky, is a U.S. Army veteran and served as Special Forces Group head armorer. He has over 20 years of machining and weapons experience from the automotive, farming, and firearms industries as well as from his time in the military. Through four combat deployments to Iraq and hands-on experience as head armorer, Jake developed a passion and interest for designing and manufacturing the best firearm suppressors in the world.

JK Armament’s Patent Pending product line is the culmination of Jake’s experience developing products for NEMO Arms, Gemtech Suppressors, Smith & Wesson, and Maxim Defense. His vast experience with suppressor and weapon design, testing, engineering, and machining is why JK Armament products set the bar for the suppressor industry. Nothing else is more Mission Configurable, versatile, and user serviceable, and it’s all backed up by JK Armament’s Unconditional Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.