Mantis Tech Launches X2

Oswego, IL – Mantis Tech is tickled pink to announce the Mantis X2, the most affordable and effective dry fire tool available. Mantis continues to accelerate the pace at which it provides real-time, data-driven feedback to shooters of all shapes and sizes.

“Dry fire practice is proven as the gateway to efficient improvement in shooting,” says Engineering Manager Chase Roberts. “But it sucks. It’s boring. Most people hate it. Until they dry fire with Mantis. Then all of a sudden it’s like they’re on a first date with their future spouse. Sparks fly, rainbows and unicorns, ALL the goodness happens.”

The X2 is a small, powerful precision sensing device that tracks the minutest of movements, collecting thousands of datapoints per second. Once rail-mounted, it analyzes shooter movements, and sends the data over Bluetooth to the MantisX app for smartphones and tablets. The app provides real-time analytics and coaching tips to improve shooting mechanics.

Additionally, the free app maintains a history of your shooting performance that is optionally stored in the cloud. Shooters can form groups and view each other’s data, and is extensively used by both instructors and students.

The X2 provides the identical feature set as the highly-regarded (and more expensive) OGX and X3, but without live fire capability.

“The X2 is the most powerful dry-fire-only tool on the market,” says Roberts. “In our quest to make top-tier training accessible to every gun owner, we did a ground-up redesign to make the X2 as affordable as possible.” The Mantis X2 will sell for $99.

The Mantis X2 has a 20-hour battery life and is USB-rechargeable (cable included). It will be on display and available to demo at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

“We are excited to bring game-changing technology to market and allow shooters to see things they could never see before,” says Product Manager Justin Rogness. “Unlocking the doors to faster improvement is a thrilling mission we chase after every day.”

Retailers can purchase the X2 immediately through their distributor of choice, or directly from Mantis Tech.

About Mantis Tech

Founded in 2014, Mantis Tech has a singular mission: help all shooters suck less. Combining patented technology with mind-numbing algorithms, Mantis Tech is an innovation leader in an industry that declares a color change as revolutionary. Learn more at