Black Gold Pro Gillingham Earns Gold, Shooter of the Year at ASA Classic

In Cullman, Alabama over the weekend, Black Gold pro shooter Tim “The Hammer” Gillingham achieved an astounding double victory. Tim took home Shooter of the Year honors after taking gold at the ASA Classic. Tim has been on the podium in every ASA appearance except one this season. ASA SOY honors go to the most consistent, highest scoring ASA shooter. Tim is known for his solid, high caliber shooting and his poise under competitive pressure. Tim left no doubt about the top spot this year. Over and over, he reaches the podium and seems completely unaffected in stressful scenarios.

After his amazing double win, Tim said, “Top performance requires the best equipment. I’ve learned the hard way how big of a deal that is. That’s why I choose Black Gold sights. I can’t afford problems at this level of competition.”

“The performance Tim shows every week is amazing. He’s constantly on his game. If you’re a competitive individual; he’s inspiring. If you’re not a competitive person; he’s entertaining. Anyone who hasn’t had an opportunity to watch Tim shoot, should absolutely tune in. We’d like to congratulate Tim! We’re thrilled to be able to provide him with the equipment he needs to be the champion he is.” says Todd Snader, Brand Manager for Black Gold sights.

Next up, Tim is headed to IBO Worlds in Seven Springs, PA.

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