March Shooting Industry Presents Fifth Annual Woman’s Issue

The fifth annual Shooting Industry Woman’s Issue boasts several features and columns to aid in generating additional sales to the industry’s dynamic and fastest-growing demographic.

FMG Publications Digital Content Editor Ashley McGee’s feature “In Demand” points to why it behooves store owners to seek qualified female instructors for class offerings and carry products specifically designed for women. As GTM Originals Owner Claudia Chisolm confirms, “If you embrace women as a buying demographic, they will always deliver.”

While most ranges offer a ladies’ night or youth classes, advertising “Family Classes” or “Parent-Child Classes” may be a more effective way of reaching women who prefer to learn with their children. It’s also a great way to educate the whole family at once so everyone is on the same page from the start, as Nancy Keaton contends in “The Family Who Trains Together …

In “Insights Into The Firearms Purchase Journey For Women,” Southwick Associates’ Nancy Bacon shares relevant data to better understand a woman’s mindset and her unique approach to the firearms purchase process. These key factors can help retailers and trainers focus on customer service methods to drive new business opportunities.

A shocking majority of women have been harassed, or worse, while running — with some fearing for their life. Britney Booth delivers five tips — including ways to start small by offering variety — to support active women looking for self-defense options in “Safety Top Of Mind For Women On The Go.”

Carolee Anita Boyles highlights three women in “She Sells More Than Seashells” who’ve stepped into ownership roles of firearms-related businesses and are part of a growing trend of ladies who are broadening the appeal of guns and shooting to an ever-widening audience.

Additional highlights of the March issue include: Massad Ayoob’s “Top Self-Defense Products From SHOT,” “Dispelling Self-Defense Myths: Part 3” in the Personal Defense Market column, “Being Your Customers’ Cheerleader” in the Arms & The Woman installment and in Best Practices, one way to retain the interest of women is to “Build Community Through Seminars.” [Include Industry Link here, too]

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