Sports Afield Safes New Quick Access Side Mount Handgun Vault

SA Consumer Products, manufacturer of in-home secure storage products, is thrilled to spotlight their brand-new Sports Afield vault – the Home Defense Side Mount Quick Access Handgun Vault.

Since its establishment in 1887, the Sports Afield brand has consistently provided a genuine experience for more than 135 years. Today, Sports Afield stands out as one of the fastest growing outdoor sporting goods brands in North America. Drawing inspiration from this rich heritage, the Sports Afield collection of safes, cabinets and vaults incorporates innovative and feature-packed designs, resulting in durable and top-notch products that showcase a timeless appeal, capturing the essence of the outdoor enthusiasts who have contributed to the brand’s success.

Keep your handgun securely stored and by your side with the Sports Afield Quick Access Handgun Vault. This vault uses your fingerprint as the passcode to your firearm. It quickly deploys the firearm in a smooth and rapid motion and in a ready-to-grip position. The vault can be mounted on the left or right side of a desk, nightstand, or anywhere you see fit, allowing for the utmost protection during the nighttime, workdays, or other situations. The interior has soft foam padding and is brightly lit so you can see in low-light conditions. Mounting hardware and 2 manual override keys are included.

Furthermore, the innovative SA-HD7-BIO is designed to store up to 100 fingerprints, allowing for multiple positions of the same finger or multiple authorized users’ fingerprints. The optional Silent Entry Mode disables touchpad beeps for discreet entry. This auto-open vault has a rugged steel construction for lasting durability, and a sleek profile and durable matte black powder coat finish.

The Sports Afield Side Mount Handgun Vault measures 11.95”H x 3.15”W x 9.05”D, 13.3 pounds and an internal volume that can hold 1 handgun and 1 magazine. Designed with security top of mind, this vault comes with our Three-Year Warranty which protects against defective locks, parts, and paint. It also gives you the option to mount on the left or ride side, with mounting plates and hardware included. Visit to learn more.