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EasyExport Now Preparing Import Permit Applications for Consumers in Three Countries

Hartford, CT – EasyExport® announces that it now prepares import permit applications for shoppers in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa when their orders for firearm parts or accessories from EasyExport merchants require an import permit. Preliminary evidence indicates that this action will eliminate the cancellation of orders by consumers who find it too hard to navigate their countries’ import permit requirements. EasyExport does not charge for this service.

EasyExport is a new automated service that enables American companies to export guns and related products safely, affordably, and efficiently to consumer, commercial and governmental customers in 82 countries. EasyExport’s software instantly processes international orders for export and import requirements, clearing most orders for shipment immediately. In the other cases -- when an order cannot be shipped until an export license or import permit is obtained -- EasyExport places a hold on the affected items so they can’t be shipped. EasyExport staff obtains export licenses and approves import permits, removing holds as these tasks are completed. Merchants ship when they see no holds. Companies using EasyExport frequently ship international orders the same day they are received.

Explaining the new service, EasyExport CEO and co-founder, Jeff Grody, said, “Much of what EasyExport does is aimed at making it easy for buyers in other countries to do business with American merchants who use EasyExport. We already do a lot to help consumers obtain import permits. But we weren’t doing enough. We saw orders from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa being cancelled because it was still too hard for some people to obtain import permits. For us, that’s unacceptable.”

April Towers, EasyExport Executive Director of Compliance and Operations, continued, “We concluded that we could do 90% of the work on the import permit applications ourselves. So, that’s what we do. Our procedure has always included reaching out to buyers when their order requires an import permit. Now, if they live in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, we offer to prepare the application for them. We send the nearly complete application to the buyer with instructions on how to complete and submit it. This not only removes the burden from the buyer, but also ensures that import permit applications are completed properly.”

In Australia, some of the frequently exported products that require a B709 import permit are barrels, trigger mechanisms, slides, receivers, magazines, and folding, detachable, or adjustable stocks. B709 permits are obtained from the police in the buyer’s state or territory. South Africa requires consumers to obtain an IE463 permit from the International Trade Administration Commission for all minor firearm parts. Major parts also require authorization from the South African Police Service. An FRM 67B import permit is required to import most firearm parts into New Zealand. Major firearm parts imported into South Africa may need separate authorization.

For exporters of firearms and parts to be fully compliant with U.S. export regulations, import permits required by the destination country must be in place before shipment. When they aren’t, there is also a risk that the shipment will be seized by customs in the destination country. EasyExport eliminates these risks.

About EasyExport®

EasyExport is the only solution that enables any seller of firearms, parts, or optics in the United States to ship legally, reliably, and affordably to lawful firearm owners around the world. EasyExport makes fulfilling international orders almost as easy as domestic orders.

EasyExport’s no-risk service makes it practical for every manufacturer and resellers in the firearms industry to sell into the global market. Set-up costs are low, contracts are cancellable at any time, and merchants pay only for orders received and shipments shipped.

EasyExport contracts include full training and continuous support. No export compliance expertise is required. Start selling internationally in about two weeks. EasyExport provides a total, proven commercial and regulatory solution.

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