The Choice with Ralph & Vicki: Spectacular Smokin’ Bluegrass Deer Hunting

Ralph and Vicki invite you all to tune into their 18th season of The Choice on The Outdoor Channel! The first episode begins airing Monday September 25th @2:00PM (EST)

Vicki, Ralph, and RJ return to Kentucky to try and fill their bluegrass deer tags and they’re taking their Tradition’s muzzleloaders with them! It’s the first time they’re returning to the Kentucky farm since their dear friend Ron passed away. Ron was the founder with his wife Lisa of Wounded Warrior Outdoors. This is episode if full of emotions, but that didn’t stop them from having a great time with everyone!

Season 18 Airtimes (EST)

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About Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo

Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo have been an indispensable force in the outdoors space for more than 35 years. Beginning in the early 1980s with a simple archery shop, they quickly turned that venture into becoming Americas Favorite Hunting Couple”. Ralph and Vicki set the bar for other hunting couples to emulate. Now entering into their 23rd season on the Outdoor Channel, Ralph and Vicki continue to expand the horizons of the outdoors while they pursue adventure through their award winning Archers Choice and The Choice, television shows.

Strong advocates for living the outdoor lifestyle, they have educated and entertained millions of fans across North America.

There is no slowing down for this family. RJ and Aubrey are moving forward and keeping the excitement fresh as they bring in a new generation of fans.