HEVI-Shot’s New HEVI-X

Two years ago, HEVI-Shot’s strikingly effective HEVI-X® shotshells set a new standard for More Lethal Pellets On Target™. The combination of high-density lethality ­– coupled to the higher pellet count from dropping down two shot sizes from steel shotshells – gained a significant following.

The density of the original HEVI-X® pellet was close to the density of bismuth, which is 9.6 g/cc (vs steel at 7.86 and lead at 11; HEVI-Shot®, the original tungsten, is 12 g/cc). Tungsten is substantially stronger than bismuth and penetrates tissue better. We decided to raise the density of the pellets in HEVI-X® shells to give hunters looking for superior performance an additional edge.

·We added more tungsten to increase pellet density and make HEVI-X now HEAVIER THAN BISMUTH™.

·The density improvement increases the downrange energy of NEW HEVI-X by about 10% over the original HEVI-X.

·Compared to steel shotshells, NEW HEVI-X has 50-70% more energy (knockdown power) at 40 yards, and 70-90% more energy at 60 yards.

·The density improvement also tightens the pattern for NEW HEVI-X, which gives you the flexibility to hunt with a more open choke.

·Additional features:

o A thicker base wad, which surprisingly enough, turns out to be a key factor in reliable functioning of semi-automatic shotguns. HEVI-Shot discovered this relationship by analyzing customer data for tens of millions of shotshells.

o Custom-blended, clean-burning propellants that let us achieve 1450 fps for 12-ga loads

o A new, higher brisance primer that improves cold weather performance by boosting the ignition force so that the propellant reaches pressure more reliably.

o Non-corroding tungsten alloy lasts indefinitely, longer than all other parts of the shell

To summarize, when you chamber a New HEVI-X® shotshell, you will experience:

·More lethality at even longer range than HEVI-Metal® Longer Range

·50-70% more downrange energy than steel shotshells of the same pellet size at 40 yards, and 70-90% more energy than steel shotshells of the same pellet size at 60 yards

·The ability to drop two shot sizes to get more lethal pellets on target than you can with steel shotshells

·More reliable gun function in semi-automatic shotguns

·Improved cold weather performance

·Higher probability of a successful hunt

Established in 2000, Environ-Metal, Inc.®, based out of Sweet Home, OR, are the makers of HEVI-Shot®, HEVI-Metal®, HEVI-X®, HEVI-Steel®, HEVI-Snow™, and HEVI-Duty® buck shot, HEVI-Duty® centerfire ammunition and bullets.

For more information contact:

Michael Narus, VP of Sales and Marketing