Standard Mfg.’s Damascus 1911 In July/Aug Handgunner

“Shooting a pretty pistol is like taking the Mona Lisa out on a date to see what that smile is all about,” muses Jeremy D. Clough in American Handgunner’s Jul/Aug feature article. “And make no mistake, Standard Mfg.’s Damascus 1911 is a very pretty pistol.”

But can this pretty pistol shoot? Clough ran the test gun through a gauntlet of courses and drills at Gunsite Academy. “More than once, I was able to call a particular bullet hole in the target and then cut it with a single shot at 10 yards,” he recalls, “once tracking five consecutive rounds into a beautiful horizontal slit. This gun does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It handles and shoots well and looks gorgeous in the process.”

In “Old School Meets New Wave,” Massad Ayoob extols the virtues of Smith & Wesson’s CSX pistol — its new high-capacity 9mm micro-compact. Among its many features, Ayoob points to one particularly attractive advantage: If pressed straight in on a contact target, the CSX will discharge on command instead of going out of battery — a potential lifesaver with a self-defense handgun and a cardinal revolver advantage.

A Les Baer Stinger Monolith Commanche tops the Jul/Aug Handgun of the Month giveaway package. Chambered for 10mm and equipped with high-visibility night sights, it boasts the Baer Stinger Monolith Commanche frame and slide with rear serrations and a blued finish, a Baer speed trigger, tactical ambi safety, polished feed ramp, premium checkered grips and more. The lucky winner will also receive a Wedge flashlight from Streamlight and custom Multi Cal Steady Rest from Ransom Rest. Valued at nearly $3,975, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at

Other points of interest in Jul/Aug Handgunner include the outcome of Serena Juchnowski’s first rodeo with red dots in the Student Handgunner column. The Hi-Power is a proven design that easily holds its own against any other handgun, but is it suitable for self-defense? Tiger McKee argues in favor of John M. Browning’s classic single action in Tactics & Training. And, as guns are often more than just walnut and steel, Will Dabbs, MD tells the tales of his “haunted guns” in Guncrank Diaries.

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