NASP at the 2024 Archery Hall of Fame Induction

The National Archery in the Schools Program is a proud sponsor and supporter of the Archery Hall of Fame. This past weekend, NASP® leadership attended the 2024 induction ceremony held in Springfield, Missouri at the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s headquarters. During this year’s ceremony, NASP® unveiled a new perpetual plaque that memorializes top scoring male and female archers. The new perpetual plaque will now display the top scoring NASP® archers going back to the beginning of the now 22-year-old program. The unveiling of the perpetual plaque signifies a timeless tribute to their achievements, serving as a symbol of inspiration for current and future generations of NASP® archers.

NASP® President, Tommy Floyd was proud to attend and be a part of the 2024 induction ceremony. He introduced the new NASP® perpetual plaque and expressed his enthusiasm for the occasion stating, "It is with great pride that we join fellow archery enthusiasts in celebrating the heroes of our sport. We believe that in connecting archery’s past with archery’s future, we will better provide an important link for our current NASP® archers as well as all those that love the sport of archery. When NASP® families visit the Archery Hall of Fame and Museum, located at the beautiful Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s facility in Springfield, MO, they can have a new experience. They can see the names of top NASP® archers that came before them, memorialized for all to see. NASP® is extremely grateful to the Archery Hall of Fame induction committee for allowing us to become a part of this wonderful tradition. Each year, new names will be added to ensure that the legacy of NASP® excellence continues to grow and inspire.”

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