GRPC Update and Tracking Gun Purchases This Sunday on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio

Mandeville, LA – The Gun Rights Policy Conference quickly approaches, and do credit card companies possess the authority to track your firearm purchases? Join as Tom interviews Allan Gottlieb and Austin Knudsen, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

This Sunday, Tom and Allan discuss the upcoming Gun Rights Policy Conference. This marks the 37th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, which takes place in Dallas, Texas. If you’d like to join September 28th – October 2nd visit:

Credit card companies made the news recently, which impacts gun purchases by credit card. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) voted in favor of creating a merchant code for firearms stores. Austin Knudsen, Montana Attorney General, joins Tom to explain what this means to gun owners, and what they should know before they purchase.

In hour three, Tom pays tribute to famed Gunsite instructor Ed Head. An absolute professional, Ed served Gunsite and his students for more than 20 years. He taught pistol, rifle, shotgun, and revolver and so much more.

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