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HEVI-Metal Longer Range

Ten years ago, HEVI-Shot’s revolutionary HEVI-Metal® shotshells built a well-deserved reputation as the go-to ammunition for serious bird hunters who wanted to boost the odds of getting their limit each day in the field. For 2019, HEVI-Shot ® raises the game with HEVI-Metal® Longer Range.

This shell design (using a 2.35 ft-lb energy standard for downrange lethality) represents a fundamental, immediately noticeable performance advantage by combining these features:

·A 16% increase in the density of the alloy in the shell by replacing the HEVI-Shot® HEAVIER THAN STEEL® alloy with bismuth. In the original HEVI-Metal® shell, the smaller pellets of HEAVIER THAN STEEL® alloy matched the killing power of the steel, but we could put more of them in the shotshell. In HEVI-Metal® Longer Range, the bismuth pellets are still smaller than the steel pellets, but their higher density gives them more killing power than the HEAVIER THAN STEEL® alloy they replace.

·This means the lethal range of the HEVI-Metal® Longer Range is now on average a solid 16% farther than that of the original.

·Average increase in performance reflects pellet counts in duck bodies, as well as energy at range. Looking only at pellet energies, the maximum range (that maintains 2.35 ft-lbs. of energy per pellet) of the bismuth pellets is 30%-60% greater than the maximum pellet range of the HEAVIER THAN STEEL® alloy, depending on the shot sizes in the different shotshells.

·HEVI-Metal® Longer Range pellet counts remain higher than those of steel shotshells of the same charge weight. But improved pattern performance from the high-density phase means more lethal pellets on target than before.

·As in the original, the shot is loaded into the shell in layers, steel on the bottom and bismuth on top. This gives the tightest patterns and the most effective shot string length.

·Additional features:

o A thicker base wad, which surprisingly enough, turns out to be a key factor in reliable functioning of semi-automatic shotguns. HEVI-Shot® discovered this relationship by analyzing customer data for tens of millions of shotshells.

o Higher speeds, 1500 fps for all 12-ga loads, which we have achieved for a decade with custom, clean-burning propellants

o A new, higher brisance primer that improves cold weather performance by boosting the ignition force so that the propellant reaches pressure more reliably.

o Steel pellets are treated with dry film lubricants for superior resistance to corrosion

To summarize, when you chamber a new HEVI-Metal® Longer Range shotshell, you will experience:

·More lethality at even longer range

·Substantially more pellets on target than steel shotshells

·More reliable gun function in semi-automatic shotguns

·Improved cold weather performance

·At about the same price as the original HEVI-Metal®

Established in 2000, Environ-Metal, Inc.®, based out of Sweet Home, OR, are the makers of HEVI-Shot®, HEVI-Metal®, HEVI-X®, HEVI-Steel®, HEVI-Snow™, and HEVI-Duty® buck shot, HEVI-Duty® centerfire ammunition and bullets.

For more information contact:

Michael Narus, VP of Sales and Marketing