June Shooting Industry: Is Ammo Really Back?

It’s been a contentious topic for over two years, but there are signs of more widespread availability in the ammunition segment. Manufacturers and dealers share encouraging insights in June Shooting Industry’s two-part feature, “State Of The 2022 Ammo Market.”

Ahead of hunting season, Hornady Marketing Communications Manager Seth Swerczek advises dealers in Part 1 — The Manufacturer Perspective: “Keep your eye out when you can — and maybe consider switching to carrying a different bullet weight or product line you haven’t traditionally used.”

“I’d say we’re seeing an increase of between 60% and 70% in volume from what we were seeing a year ago,” added Anthony Puglia, owner of Puglia’s Sporting Goods in Metairie, La., of his ammunition orders in Part 2 — The Dealer Perspective. “Right now, the important thing is to build your relationships with your sales reps and sales managers.”

Many gun buyers may think buying a gun for personal protection is the same thing as buying one for home defense. They might initially ask for a suitable EDC handgun without realizing there may be better options when it comes to protecting their property. In “Have You Thought About A Shotgun?” Ashley McGee provides tips for effectively selling home-defense firearms and storage options to home-defense customers.

Other points of interest in the June issue include Carolee Anita Boyles’ “Get Ready For Fall Hunting Season.” Dealers explain how, with archery season starting before rifle season, some stores get creative in promoting archery’s appeal to hunters. Bryan Hendricks reports on the growth of the DIY gun sales trend for home and hunting, and how retailers can tap into this lucrative segment with related products and classes.

The resurgence of revolver sales can be attributed to several things, but as Massad Ayoob reasons in the Personal Defense Market column, “The math is simple: In a reactive life-or-death situation, five shots from a revolver right now beats more shots from an auto one second later than right now.” Carolee Anita Boyles features three female gun-store owners and how they’re making their mark in Arms & The Woman. The expected flood of lightly used guns has yet to materialize, but there are still opportunities to be had. In Best Practices, Tim Barker shares tips for buying, selling and marketing used guns.

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