OtterWaiver and USCCA Partnership: Elevating Shooting Range Experience

OtterWaiver and USCCA Partnership: Elevating Shooting Range Experience

BOULDER, CO, USA -- OtterWaiver, part of the innovative Otter Technologies group, proudly announces its landmark partnership with the US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). This alliance is poised to redefine the shooting range experience, merging advanced digital solutions with comprehensive self-defense education.

About USCCA:

The US Concealed Carry Association is dedicated to providing lifesaving education, expert-led training, and self-defense liability insurance. Their focus remains steadfast on equipping individuals for real-life self-defense scenarios.

About OtterWaiver:

As a sister company to OtterText, OtterWaiver leads in digital waiver management within the outdoor industry. Its platform is synonymous with efficiency, secure data storage, and an unwavering commitment to reducing paper usage, thus aiding environmental sustainability.

The Partnership: Transforming Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges registered with OtterWaiver can now officially partner with USCCA, integrating a unique plugin into their system. This integration allows ranges to select from a variety of resources such as safety guides to enhance their customer offerings. Customers signing digital waivers through OtterWaiver gain access to these free resources, while ranges benefit from a new revenue stream through USCCA lead generation commissions. OtterWaiver’s platform also simplifies the tracking of customer data and earnings, streamlining range operations.

Ben Nelson, CEO of Otter Technologies, shares his vision for this partnership: "By bridging OtterWaiver's technological proficiency with USCCA's extensive expertise in self-defense education, we're not just enhancing the operational efficiency of shooting ranges. We're also empowering them to play a pivotal role in educating gun owners. This partnership is about creating a community that is both well-informed and well-equipped for responsible gun ownership."

Why This Matters: Benefits for Shooting Ranges

This collaboration enhances customer engagement by offering valuable USCCA resources, deepening customer relationships, and elevating skills and knowledge. Ranges benefit from a substantial new revenue stream through commissions and enjoy streamlined operational processes thanks to OtterWaiver’s digital system. Furthermore, the adoption of digital waivers signifies a positive step towards environmental sustainability.

Join the Movement

Shooting ranges seeking to elevate their customer experience and tap into new revenue opportunities are invited to explore this partnership. The synergy between OtterWaiver and USCCA signifies an innovative leap in adding value for shooting ranges.

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