Burris Optics Partners with Jeb and Ward Burton

Today’s hunters understand that success in the field results from the merging of man and machine to achieve a goal. A finely tuned firearm sporting a high-quality and technologically advanced optic in the hands of a practiced shooter works harmoniously to overcome adversity and to bring food to the table. Nowhere is this parallel more evident than in the world of professional racing, where technology and driver fuse on the asphalt battlefield.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative and solutions-driven hunting optics, it is only natural that Burris Optics and the NASCAR family of Jeb and Ward Burton would come together in partnership for the 2024 season of Sportsman Channel’s Crossroads with the Burtons.

Crossroads with the Burtons follows NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Jeb Ward and NASCAR legend and father Ward Burton on their many hunting and fishing adventures. In addition to taking viewers on a shotgun ride to the great outdoors, the Burtons are also passionate wildlife conservationists. The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, for example, has helped conserve over 45,000 acres of land across Virginia and Pennsylvania by working with land managers to develop sustainable conservation models for habitat enhancement and protection.

“The Burton family is iconic in the world of professional racing,” said Burris Director of Marketing Jordan Egli. “NASCAR is an arena where machine and driver must both be at peak performance and work in unison in order to win. It is no different than what hunters and long-range shooters have long understood, and it is why we lead our optics development with the end user always at the forefront. We feel that this new partnership between Burris Optics and Jeb and Ward Burton is a hand-in-glove fit to promote the outdoor lifestyle, wildlife conservation, and to preserve our hunting heritage.”

Crossroads with the Burtons airs on the Sportsman Channel.

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