Competition Ultimate Practice Shooting System

Robert Louis Co. offers the Competition Ultimate Practice Shooting System for practice shooting for Clubs, High School or College shooting teams, or any two people who want to practice their shooting together.

Want to shoot better? Practice more! Repetitions are the king of practice.

The Competition Ultimate Practice Shooting System (CUPS) is Robert Louis Company’s top-of-the-line product and includes all of our practice shooting products: a Red LaserShooter, a Green LaserShooter, a LaserPro Moving Target Projector, a Wobbler, and a 9'x 54" Skeet/Trap Banner.

For the two person home shooters, the shooting club, high school trap teams, 4H and other venues, this system will project any targets seen in skeet, trap, sporting, FITASC and international games and will supply the repetitions necessary to prepare the practicing shooters in the timing and accuracy required to hit the real targets on the range.

You can add a second LaserPro Moving Target Projector (CUPS2) and practice shooting any doubles games. To enhance the accurate release of the doubles targets, the LaserPro Projectors have a microphone built into the circuitry. Say “Pull” and the targets are instantly and simultaneously released.

All of this practice is using your own gun and, in any 15 minute session, can produce 200 practice shots at the moving target in the direction and at the speed of your choice. Five days of practice of 15 minutes daily typically results in a week of 1000 shots taken at home or at the club with no ammo used.

Other than being on the range, there is no other method of practice as easy to use and effective in results than the COMPETITION ULTIMATE PRACTICE SHOOTING SYSTEM, and all at an affordable price.

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