Inside May GUNS: Colt King Cobra, A Simply Superb Snake

Snake guns are back in a big way with the Colt King Cobra .22 LR, and it’s a positive sign of renewal for the storied company under new ownership of CZ. FMG Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington celebrates the “mini-snake for the masses” in May GUNS.

“Honestly, what’s not to love here? It’s a .22, it’s shiny, it’s got a ribbed barrel and it says ‘Colt’ on the side. Be still, my throbbing heart,” he proclaims. “After handling, testing and shooting, this gun ended up being a delight in every respect.”

Mossberg’s 940 Pro is a refined tool designed to be used hard with modern gun-handling techniques as well as accessories like a dot and light. As Jeremy D. Clough contends, this shotgun “Brings Boom To The Room.”

A CR920 Foundation Series 9mm from Shadow Systems tops the May GUNS Firearms Package Giveaway. Built for deep concealment, the sub-compact pistol shoots like a full-size and conceals easily in a G43X holster. The winner will also receive a Speedlocker from Streamlight and Native 5 Lightweight from Spyderco. With a value of $1,036, readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing by visiting

Elsewhere in the issue, John Taffin begins a Campfire Tales series on the first big-bore sixguns, starting with the Smith & Wesson #3 American and Model #3 Russian. Barring photographic evidence of notorious gangster John Dillinger’s Thompson submachine gun, Will Dabbs, MD set out to replicate it. He outlines the process in “Thompson Customization: Packing Heat Like Dillinger!” And “chubby chasers” rejoice! Jeff “Tank” Hoover gives high praise to the Marlin Model 1894 in .44 Mag. in the Think Tank column.

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