FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 2019   ■   NEWS

XTech Tactical “Benitez Sale”

Mesa, AZ – To celebrate Judge Roger Benitez’s ruling XTech Tactical® is offering a special sale on its website through this Sunday! XTech Tactical is also offering a MAP holiday to its stocking dealer network for its AK magazines currently in stock through 04/07/2019.

- MAG47 5 Pack @ $110

- MAG47BHO 5 Pack @ $120

The MAG47 has become the Gold Standard in US production AK47 magazines! The MAG47 features stainless steel reinforced locking lugs and feed lips, industry leading polymer, and a stainless-steel spring.

The company is in active production and will update inventory throughout the sale as more magazines are available!

XTech Tactical also has begun offering its ‘Free State Adaptors’ for its Commufornia Special 10/30 magazines. The Free State Adaptor requires no tools to install and includes a full-length spring and spring button to replace the blocker and shortened spring shipped with the 10/30 magazines.

“We applaud Judge Benitez in his logical, factual and common-sense ruling! We hope this is a trend in our legal system!” stated Jeremy Deadman, XTech Tactical’s director of sales and marketing.

*Sale will be active from date of publication to 04/07/2019

*The company is currently shipping to California and will continue to as long as possible!

Please follow the company on Instagram and Facebook for many upcoming product releases as the company continues to grow and expand its offerings. The company’s website is

About XTech Tactical, LLC:

XTech Tactical is one of the fastest growing firearms accessory companies in the marketplace.

In 2013, XTech Tactical® was formed by firearms enthusiasts to develop revolutionary firearms accessories for modern rifles and other small arms.

The founding members bring over 50 years of combined product development, design-for-manufacturing, and quality control experience. Collectively they are listed on over 35 US and International Patents, and they have been part of taking hundreds of products from concept through production.

The company believes in making the best products possible for our customers whether civilian, agency or military. The company strives to lead the industry in innovation, customer service, and hearing our customers’ voices.